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The corporate website is designed to form Innowise Group’s brand, aquisite potential clients, and reflect the mission and goals of the company. Our major challenge was to create a top-notch website for a software company that could represent all the services rendered, case studies, the firm’s achievements, technological expertise, and contact information.

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We have developed a unique design style based on minimalism and corporate colors. After a thorough analysis, our team has designed the architecture of the entire website and developed a user-friendly navigation system. Also, we have created typical structures for major website pages.



During the project, we created more than a dozen prototypes to find a unique style and design approach. Based on the minimalistic concept, our professionals have empowered the corporate website with distinctive design elements, including images, GIFs, blocks, animations, and videos.

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It was vital to ensure the adaptability of a website for any modern device, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Our team has succeeded in creating responsive and intuitive UI and UX design while respecting the concept and design approach chosen by the stakeholders.

sales site on mobile devices

Design system

Innowise Design Studio has created a distinctive design system reflecting the corporate identity. A massive amount of work has been done to design unique elements such as icons, buttons, badges, fonts, and more. With the new design system, Innowise Group’s website is a competitive advantage that inspires potential customers to click the “Contact Us” button. Our design team has been awarded as one of the Top Responsive Web Design Companies by Designrush

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